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Spell soldiers
Episodes 10&11


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Starr and the gang's adventures continue here........enjoy!!.......

~Episode 10~
          Enter Erosa, Spellsoldier of Love


During the annual mid-spring assembly, a girl from a neighboring school was going to give her speech.
"Students, students can I have your attention please! Thank you, Korren High School is proud to allow their prize winning speech to be read by it's author, Karissa Mizouna. Please give her your full attention.
"Thank you. Time speeds by as....." she began.


"Blah, blah, blah, blah, I don't want to be here!" complained Pyrena.
"That's kind of rude Rena." scolded Alliah
"Would you rather be in class right now?" asked Macie
"No, but it's no ruder than that guy snoring in the row ahead of us!" snapped Pyrena.
"Ssshhhh!!" hushed Alliah.


"Look it's that girl, lets go talk to her." suggested Allaih.
"No way, not to someone like her."
"Yea." agreed Macie
"Since when are you two so close? I'm going over there, you can go or stay, it's your choice. Hi there, my name is Alliah, that was a nice speech that you gave today."
"Hi, I'm Karissa, and yea right, half the auditorium was asleep--sigh."
"Well, I thought that it was good. Hey these are my friends Macie and Pyrena."
"It's a pleasure to meet you."
"You too." said Macie and Pyrena together. So the girls ate lunch together and made a new friend, Karissa. Even Pyrena liked her in the end.


~After school~
 Alliah, Pyrena and Macie went to their homes and changed out of their uniforms into their street cloths. Then they met at Sapphires Dinner, where evil seemed to be stirring.
"Whats wrong Alliah?" asked Macie.
"My Star wand is glowing, a spells nearby so keep your eyes open." explained Alliah.
"Right." answered Macie and Pyrena in unison.


".....It's because of you!!"
"NO, its all........"
"STOP IT!!! Kayla, Mora stop arguing now!!" screamed Karissa. Suddenly a soft pink light filled the air and a symbol appeared on her forehead. She became a ...Spellsoldier.
"She's one of us!?" exclaimed Alliah, Macie, and Pyrena.
"Quick everyone transform." ordered Alliah. Together they shouted: Starr Locket......Aqua Locket......Infernal Locket....Transform!


"What's going on? Starr, Aquatica, Inferna?......I..I...don't understand." said a very dazed and confused Karissa, who'd become the newest member of the Spellsoldiers.
"You're a Spellsoldier, like us." said Starr, she then quickly filled her in on a few important details.
"There it is!" yelled Aquatica


"Which one could it be?" wondered Starr
"I don't know." said Aquatica
"I'm out of ideas." exclaimed Inferna
"It's moving fast!" yelled Karissa.
Suddenly the spell let out a black mist that surrounded Inferna and Aquatica.


The mist compleatly engulfed the two spellsoldiers and when it cleared they seemed to be fine. However without warning the two started arguing over nothing.
"Oh that's just great, just when we need them they go on one of their tears." said Starr in an irritated voice.
"They're acting just like my sisters were."
"Then that must be the....." started Starr
"Hate spell!"
"Right, you catch on fast."


"You distract it and then I'll capture it ok." ordered Starr
"Ok, ........Hey stupid!" she yelled as she charged the spell.
"Little girl are you talking to me? Hahahah. You're the stupid one not me."
"Hate Spell......" began Starr
"What's this?!"
"...Return to your sphere confining....."
"Who's the stupid one now?" scoffed Karissa.
".....HATE SPELL!!!!!" and with a black flash of light the spell turned into a marble like form.


~Later at Alliahs house~
  They told Siarra about the spell and Karissa. Siarra then gave Karissa a heart shaped locket and told her that she was the Spellsoldier of love, Erosa. She then explained in detail her new duties, as well as the sacrafices that she would now have to make.
"I'm glad that we have some more help now." said Alliah
"Yea, an extra set of hands is always good." replied Macie. The girls sat and listened to Siarra, even though they'd heard it before, everyone that is except for Pyrena, who'd falled asleep on the floor. The world was safe, at least for today. But far away in a dark room the Evil Queen Nabilia was begining to get very, very angry.

Samma Itsuraki is the only daughter of the Japanese ambassitor to Italy. She has always had a grand life, in Flourence, Italy; when her father decided to move back to Tokiesh, his home city, Samma's heart fell. To leave the only home that she's ever known so far into high school was a horrible feeling. She knew that she'd be treated differently. In Flourence, people had always treated her like a normal girl, but in Tokiesh she knew that she'd be given different treatment. All she wanted was to fit in. Once she moved she knew that her life would never be the same.


The girls ate and laughed together, and Samma finally felt like an average teenager. However far away in a dark lifeless room.....





I hope that you are enjoying your time here!