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Here is where you can get awards and gifts for me.

Website Guardians. Chibi-spellsoldiers made to protect your webspace from evil.:)
If you would like to have a website gurardian then you can. Just copy and paste the one that you want and put on your website. They will protect it from evil, and look cute too! All I ask in return is that you put a link to my site somewhere on your page and e-mail me and tell me which     one(s) that you adopted. Title your e-mail chibis. Thank you



Do you think that your website deserves an award? if so let me know and I'll see what I think.

get this gear!


Award#1 Erosa's Award of Dedication
To recieve this award you must show much dedication and effort. Make it look like it has a lot of effort put into it.


Award #2
To recieve this award you must have a beautiful site. It must have an awsome layout. There can't be any broken links or such. Also you must have some pictures.


This is one of the hardest awards to get. I must absolutly love your site. It must be awsome (That means layouts, pictures, designs, everything). It must make me stare at the screen in awe.


Award #4- Pyrena's Flaming Art Award.
      To recieve the award you must have amaizing graphics, that I absolutely love.
I must sit and stare at the screen drooling. (just kidding, but you get the point!)


Award #5- Most Electrifying Site Award
   To get this award, you must have a site that is just fantastic, great layout, awsome pictures, info, and fan interest. *Warning* extremly hard to get, but don't distress, it is possible.

Thanks for visiting.