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Spell soldiers
Episode 1


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Here it is...Spell soldiers. Enjoy the comic



At the end of a long school day in a busy hallway stand two girls, Macie(blonde) and Alliah(brunette).

"Oh he is so cute, don't you agree Alliah?"


"I don't think he is."

"What! Are you crazy? exclaimed Macie

"It's simple Macie, guys like that are such jerks, youre theirs one day, and gone the next. They never really care for you and you're just a possession to them. So you see I'm not crazy, I just don't like him."

"Alliah, I still think he's cute, and I also think that you are still insane."


"Hey I've got to get going Macie, See you tomorrow."

"Ok, See ya. Call me later ok?"


Later at home...



"Honey, Grandma got you some stuff today, it's sitting in you room."
"Ok mom I'll look at it."
"Be sure to thank her for it, ok."
"Ok, I'll thank her later."

"The stuff Grandma for me is very weird....I think I'll just....put it.....on the floor in this corner for now.
I wonder why she got this for me? And why do I get this strange feeling when I'm around it. Oh well."


Alliah then tossed all her gifts into a small pile.
"I'll just clean this up later, right now I've gotta go."


Later....Far away.


"Finally, I've found it. It's time....Soara! Go and get it NOW!! And don't screw up, or else you might be sorry. ha ha ha."


"Soara get this...Soara go do this... Soara obey my every whim. Oh I get so sick of that, oh well there isn't much I can do about it, oh well." Said an evil fairy known as Soara.

Soara's mission led her to a room in a house with a preculiar pill of things on the floor.
"Well I guess that this is it, I hope I'm getting the right thing." Thought Soara.


High up in the night time sky flies a small fairy with a book in her arms.

"Now I've got it and I must hurry back to give it to my master." Said Soara.



"Ahhh Who...who are you? What are you? Why are in my room?" said Alliah

"I'm Siara the fairy adviser of the chosen one."

"The chosen one?"


"Yes the 'chosen one'. You are the chosen one, the one who holds majic powers, the one who will beat this new threatning evil, the one who will save this world as well as the entire universe. You are the one whom was born with a special gift.." Said Siara


"You were chosen at birth to protect this the people from this evil, do not try and deny your power, because I can sense it." 

" what did you say your name was?"


"Now alliah Take this and say 'Star Locket Transform."

"what why?"

"Just say it Alliah."



"Star Locket Transform!"

"uh...Siara...why is it glowing?"

"Your fixing to find out."


"Someone please pinch me and tell me I'm dreaming"

"Alliah this is no dream It is very real. You have a job to do, don't try to escape it, if you don't do it then the entire world will be distroyed."

"Why me I mean Im not the most relyable person you know. So why am I the chosen one?"

"I don't know why you were chosen to save the world, but you were and now you must fufill you mission."

"I'm Alliah, just you average school girl, I'm not some powerfull superhero like you see on T.V."

"Alliah there is something that you must know, while you are in this form you won't be known as Alliah, you are Starr."


"Yes starr. And you must also accept the fact that your not normal. will you do it?"

"Ok so I'm not normal like I wish I was so..ya I accept it. Like I have a choice."

"good girl."


"Now, Starr, take this."

"What is it Siara?"

"This is your wepon, you will use this to capture the different spells."

"Just how am I supost to do that? What do I just wave it around in the air and say abra cadabra, hocus pocus?"

"This is no jokeing matter. You say...the spells name return to your sphere confining spells name."

"is that all there is to it?"

"yes, that is all you will need to know for now."


"Siara, why is my locket glowing?"

"Oh no! that means there is an evil spell on the loose. Quick lets go."

"I cant go now, I have homework. and my mom wont let me out of the house on a schoolnight, especially when I havent done my homework. I'll be so grounded."

"Listen to me Starr, your homework can wait and your mom won't find out, and in any case this is the fate of the world we're dealing with, not just a game. Now Lets go."



"Ok.(Starr thinks, man I'm going to be so dead when mom finds out that I snuck out."


"Ok, how do i find the spell?"

"you can hold your spell wand up and follow the map, it'll take you strait to it."

"alright, lets go Siara. I'm ready to get the bad guy."

"finally your get the point. Ok no more time for talk we've got to get going."


"The spellmap led us to the city park. This place is so big how are we going to find a spell here?"

"Don't worry spells cause strange things to happen. We'll find it now start looking."

"Where could the spell be. Oh, I don't really even know what I'm looking for. What are we going to do?"

"Look over there!"

"Where!? I don't see it"

"Are you blind look over there."

"I see it. So thats what a spell looks like, I thought it was just some strange girl in a funny costume."

"No, its a spell alright, now you've got to get it before it causes any damages."



"Help me!"

"Oh no, Macie! What do I do, what do I say, oh why me."

"Ok calm down Starr, everythings going to be just fine. Take your wand and say: Vine spell return to your sphere confining, VINE SPELL. Also be sure that you are close to the spell."

"Easy for you to say, and just how do you propose that I get that close to the spell without it noticing me?"

"The spell has its back to you so as long as you do it quickly you should be alright."

"Should be!?"

"Your friend needs you, so hurry and get that spell."

"Hang on Macie, here I come," thought Starr.


"Who are you?" Said the vine spell

"I'm your worst nightmare!" Said Starr

"I doubt it."
Then Starr held up her star wand, hesitated and then said,

"Vine Spell, return to your sphere confining, VINE SPELL!"


"Ahh...How can this be, how could a child defeat me? Forgive me master." cried out the vine spell




"Siara, it is so hard to believe that all that power and trouble came from this tiny little marble. At least it is all over."

"Don't get to relaxed Alliah, that was only one spell. The real challenge is yet to come. The spells you will face will get tougher and more powerfull."

"Oh no, what am I gonna do?"

"Your going to save the world that is what your gonna do. Listen you can harness the power of any spell that you conquer. You can take the vine spell's power to help you capture the next one. You can do it Alliah, because you are a Spell Soldier. Never forget that and never doubt it, I know that you'll accomplish what you set out to do.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed the comic. On your honor-please don't take any of my creations, I'v worked really hard on them. How would you like someone taking your hard earned work. If you would like a copy of a picture or something please leave a note in my guestbook or in my feedback section and I'll get around to it. Thank you. Please come again.