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Spell soldiers

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Drawing has been a hobby for years, and now I've decided to create my own comics.

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March 2004-I appologize guys.......I've been so busy lately. This episode that is up was really emotional for me to do so I've kinda put it off. I'm not making any promises but the next episode should be up realatively soon. I will try to get better, but you see this is my Senior Year!!! of high school and it is getting hecktic. We'll Hope you enjoy everything. Oh and I got a deviantart site!!!!please come see me!!!!

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Quote of the week:
"I've always thought you've got to believe in luck to get it."
                                   -Victoria Holt   

I'm proud to announce that this site has been awarded by the Golden Web Awards 2002-2003.

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       Neat Noah Note:

     Noah's grandfather was Methuselah, a name which means, according to author Author Arthur Pink, "When he is dead, it shall be sent." In other words, the flood would come shortly after Methuselah's death. It is strongly suspected that Enoch -Father of Methuselah- had received a revelation from God that the flood was to come centuries vefore Noah was told to build an ark!

All exerpts taken from: Miracles, Signs and Wonders by Joanne Asala and Steven Butchart

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Since: July 25, 2003

I truly hope that you will enjoy everything in this website. I've done all of this myself. This is on your honor, please don't steal any of my comics, I've worked hard on them and anyway how would you like some one to steal what you worked hard on. If you would like to copy them and use them please write it in my guest book. I'd really appreciate that.

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