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Episodes 5-9

More episodes in the Spellsoldiers series are here.

What dangers await for Alliah(aka Starr) ahead, well you came to the right place. Here is the 5th-9th episodes in the new saga.

Episode5  "The Ring of Destiny"


"That annoying brat is ruining all my plans Soara. I must make a note to destroy her later, but right now she's the least of my worries. The spells aren't working quick enough, why, why! I can't tolerate such immense failure. I think that its time to bring fourth one of my Torian Minions." said the evil queen Nabilia.
"What!, can't, mustn't."stammered Soara.
"Are you questioning my decisions?"
"No, no your majesty." appologised Soara.
"Good. Kamico arise and serve your queen."


"Yes my queen, you called for me." said the calm voice of a confident minion named Kamico.
"Ahh Kamico, I have a mission for you. I want complete controle of Earth. Use the powers of the spells to do so. You had better not fail me Kamico, because you know what the penalty is for failure."
"Yes my queen, I will obey you, don't worry this will be quite simple." then with a bright flash of light Kamico disapeared to her own place.
"Soara, go and watch her, make sure that she follows my orders and then report anything back to me."
"Yes my queen."


"What are you doing here?" asked Kamico, irratatedly.
"Queen Nabilia sent me to help you, but don't forget that I'm her most trusted advisor, so don't cross me Kamico."
"You can stay her, but don't get im my way you little insect." replied Kamico as she watched the people on Earth to devise her first plan.
Meanwhile on Earth....


"....I'm just saying that it's been way too quiet lately."
"I know, I know but what can we do about it Siarra."
"There is one thing...."
"well, Alliah, we've obtained 4 spells so far."
"Yea so."
"Well the more spells you possess the more  power that you gain, which also means the more power and memory that I get." explained Siarra,"now that my power has grown I can reveal an important new tool in our mission."


" A ring, a ring is the new and important tool in our mission. hahaha, you have got to be kidding me." joked Alliah
"It's called the Fairy ring. It is more than just a ring it has special powers that can change the users identities. This ring is also known as the ring of destiny."
"Cool how does it work Siara?"
"Simple, say Fairy dust disguise power."
"well lets see if it works....The mall is closed for a swimsuit models photo shoot, no one is allowed in except photographers, models, staff and invited guests."
"Alliah of course the ring works....hey wait the ring is only to be used with spell buisness, NOT entertainment....oh I'm too late..."


"...Fairydust disguise power, transform me into the swimsuit model Venessa Devay."
 Then suddenly Alliah began to glow multicolered  "I feel weird." then suddenly transformed.
"Oh wow it worked.exclaimed Alliah.
"Change back Alliah, this isn't a game you know."
"No I won't Siara, this is too cool and besides there might be a spell at the mall and someone needs to keep an eye on things.haha"
"Yea right, and I'm the queen of England"Stated Siara sarcastically.
Later at the Mall....


"Venessa what are you doing here? I thought that you decided not to come to the photoshoot today." asked a staff person who saw Venessa come in.
"I changed my mind. I decided that it might be fun." said Alliah. 


Meanwhile, not too far away from Alliah was Evil Queen Nabilia's loyal servent Kamico, who was looking at the many people down on the first level. She was paying especially close attention to the models that were around. "Ahh this is perfect, these models affect the lives of the many people in this world. Flash spell I want you to turn these people evil, go now and obey me."


"Yes my master I hear you and will obey." said the flash spell mindlessly. then with its evil power the spell began doing Kamicos dirty deeds. With a bright light she would turn the people into mindless evil followers of the evil queen. Everything seemed to be going perfect until.....


"OH no this is horible, I didn't think that a spell would actually Show up. Darned and I was having so much fun. I need to transform to save these people though. Star Locket Transform! The power of the locket began to glow and then the disguised Alliah transformed into Starr.


"Hey Spell up here!" Yelled Starr to the spell, which she had no idea of which one it was.
"What, who are you?" asked the surprized spell.
"I'm your worst nightmare, I am starr."


"Hahahahah, do you think that you can compete with me, the flash spell, little girl."
"Good at least now I know which spell it is." thought Starr.
"What this cant be, that little girl is the one who is defeating the spells? She is so weak."said Kamico, who was watching the whole thing from above.
"Freeze spell, freeze this spell into a block of ice, freeze spell release and obey!" Yelled Starr. but before the spell could do anything the power of the freeze spell began to overcome it. "Ahhhh this can't be happening!" screamed the spell.
"Flash spell, return to your sphere confinging, Flash Spell


With those words the flash spell returned to its marble-like form. "Yes, another spell for me." laughed Starr.
"Hey kid, you may have won the battle this time, but rest assured I'll win the war, you bratty little girl." snapped Kamico.
"If your so confident then lets go, right here, right now," challenged Starr
"Hahahaha don't make me laugh kid, you're no match for me. We'll meet again brat."
then with a flash of light she disapeared.
"I wonder who that was, was it the enemy that Siara is always talking about?" wondered Star as she starred at the spot where Kamico had been standing.

             BIG CHANGES


"Alliah, come here please, there's something that we need to talk about," called out Alliah's Mom.
"....Coming mom"yelled Alliah from her bedroom.
"What I'm going to tell you will shock and hopefully make you happy." said her mom hesitently
"What is it mom?"
"......Were moving."
"WHAT! we can't be moving. I thought that I was going to stay here and finish high school in the same place." yelled out Alliah,
"Alliah, you will, we're moving closer to your school."
"Ok, when."
"Start packing, we'll be leaving in a week."
"Ok, mom." with a sigh Alliah went back to her room.


Meanwhile in Alliah's bedroom.
"Oh Siara I hate packing," sighed Alliah
"I don't blame you."
"Siara, I have a lot of good memories here. Growing up,, and all the excitement that we've had here. It's going to be really hard to move and leave all of that behind. I mean I've been here since I was 5 years old." said Alliah sadly.
"...but you won't be leaving it behind, you're just moving. Those things that you talked about, your memories, you won't leave them behind. You'll take them with you wherever you go, you will never forget them." said Siara.
"You're right Siara,...well here's the last box. finally. 2 days of packing is a lot. I'd better go tell mom." Alliah jumped up and ran into the other room.


"Wow, look at this house, it's gorgeous." exclaimed Alliah as she took her first look at the house after steping out of the van.
"I was hoping that you'd like it." said her mother, very relieved. Alliah unpacked some of her things and decided that it was time to take a break and walk outside, so she could get some fresh air.


"Alliah, what are you doing here?" asked a very startled Cole.
"What, I live here." answered Alliah snobily.
"No you don't, that house has been empty for the past 8 months."
"Not any more.'re Cole." exclaimed Alliah.
"Yea I'm Cole. Mom made me get a hair cut for school."
"Oh, this is just great, as if my life couldn't get any stranger, I have you." sighed Alliah.
"Why are you always so rude to me Alliah?"
"ME!, me rude to you, um..its the other way around."
"what do you mean," asked Cole,"listen why don't we walk around and figure this out."


"Ever since I was a little girl you were mean to me. I remember one time, when I was in 4th grade I was coming back from lunch one day as you were going to lunch. As I walked by you pushed me down and then you and your friends laughed and walked away. Everyone pointed and laughed at me, except for Macie, then people made fun of me." rembered Alliah.
"Thats one side of the story. I moved to Tokiesh when I was in 5th grade, and didn't really make any friends. One day I happen to be running late for lunch, so I was hurrying,and accidentally ran into a 4th grade girl and knocked her down. She looked up at me and her with  her tear filled eyes, but before I could help her up some of the most populer guys came up behind me and laughed, as they did they told me 'good job'. I guess that it all went to my head, I never ment to harm anyone. Lets put that grudge behind us." explained Cole.
"Ok, but this doesn't mean that you can hang out with me or my friends."laughed Alliah.
"Yea, or that I'm going to be nice" said Cole. They then looked at each other and laughed.


"Whats that!" exclaimed Cole.
 "Looky at what I'v got here, some fresh victoms. Now I can finally have some fun." said a mysterious voice.
"Ahh, whats that?'' said Cole as a mysterious girl appeared before them.
"I am the great and powerfull Fight Spell." said the girl proudly.


"I can't transform here, what am I going to do?" thought Alliah. Then she did the only thing that she could think of, and ran towards the spell, then.................


....The spell hit her, and knocked her back into the bushes."Now I can transform safely."
"Hey, why did you do that, she hasn't done anything to you." then Cole angrily ran toward the fight spell, but she knowked him down. on the ground.
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size, like me!" yelled out Starr


"You'll pay for that you overconfident little brat." yelled out the fight spell angrily.
"We'll see about that. Speed spell, give me your speed, speed spell release and obey!"yelled out Starr. Then with increadable speed she ran around the spell just fast enough to catch it off guard.
 "Fight Spell return to your sphere confining, Fight Spell!" then with a bright light the fight spell returned to it's marble state.



Alliah ran back around to the bushes and returned to her natural form, then she put dirt on her. "Alliah are you alright?" ask Cole.
 "yea, I'm fine, what happened?"
"Nothing, it's getting kinda late, so lets go back home."
"That sounds good." said Alliah

Old Friend, New Allie


"I can't believe that it finally opened!" exclaimed Macie. "I know, they've been working on it for months." replied Alliah.
Macie and Alliah stood inside the Tokiesh central mall at the Grand-Opening of the Aqua~Marine World Resteraunt, which was a restraunt on the top floor of the mall surrounded in a glass aquarium full of exotic fish.Just above that you can look out over the city through a glass aquarium full of water, no fish in this section, and you could look out over the city through the window. Most people say that it's quite beautiful.


"Look at this place Macie, it's gorgeous. The fish are so beautiful, so exotic. I feel like I'm standing in the middle of the ocean." said Alliah in awe of the new restraunt.


"Look over there, it's Cole and Maria, his girlfriend.They're the 'perfect couple', Miss beautiful and Mr. Jock. it's hard to believe that he's your neighbor." said Macie
"Tell me about it, Maria sure looks unhappy, I wonder why?" replied Alliah.


"Hey lets go to the up stairs room to look at the city." suggested Macie
"Ok, that sounds good." replied Alliah
"Ahhhhh whats that!?" exclaimed Macie as she stood just inside the door to the top room, where a mindless looking girl stood, and appeared to be evil.
"Ahh my first victims, Kamico will be so pleased with me. Now come here girls and I'll make this quick." Said the evil girl which was a spell.
"Macie get out of the way, she'll hurt you." gasped Alliah as Macie stood deliberatly inbetween her and the spell.
"No Alliah."
"Macie Move NOW!"
"I don't quite know why but I need to protect you."
"Nonsense Macie now please move." begged Alliah.
"NO!! I won't move."
"Stop it both of you, it doesn't matter to me who's first, because soon enough you'll both be evil. Now stop bickering." said the spell with a slight grin on her face.


Suddenly Macie began to glow with a strange blue light. A tear drop formed on her forhead.
"Spell what have you done, I'll get you for this." cried out Alliah at the spell. Soon something happened to Macie........


After a great flash of light blue light Macie changed from her usual blond self to something simular to Starr.
"Alliah, transform and capture the water spell, I'll make an aqua shield."Said the mysterious warior calmly.
"Who...who are you?" stuttered a dazed Alliah.
"Nevermind who I am, just do what you need to do, transform."
"Oh, ok. Starr Locket Transform!!" yelled out Alliah, and in a flash of white light, Alliah's locket transformed her from an average person to Starr.


The warrior produced a shining ball of aqua blue light in her hands and suddenly a sphere of water engulfed them, making a shield, where objects could go out but not in.
"Amaizing" gasped Starr.
"What is going on? This isn't whats supposed to happen. Kamico didn't say anything about this. She said something about an annoying little brat, but not 2 of them. I'll defeat them." said an overconfident spell. and with that she hurrled a great amount of a water like substance at the shield, but it didn't budge.
"Starr hurry I can't hold this up much longer." said the worrior 
"Water Spell, return to your sphere confining, Water Spell." Yelled out Starr, who saw that she must hurry.


With sparks of bright blue flashing lights the Water Spell returned to its harmless marbled state.
" Good job Starr..." said the mysterious girl who was at one time Macie. However her strength gave out and she fell to the ground and returned to her usual self, the costume disapeared and her cloths returned in their place, her black and blue hair changed back into the golden blond hair. With that Alliah called on the Fly Spell and took the unconcious Macie out to the balcony and flew to her house. Luckily her mom wasn't home.


After about 15 minutes Macie woke up laying on Alliah's bed in her house.
"What....where....Alliah what happened, the last thing I remember is being at the restraunt and going upstairs to look at the city and then everything went blank."
"Macie, I don't quite know exactly what happened, but I do know that there is something that you need to know....I don't know where to start...."
"What is it Alliah, you can tell me anything."
"I'll take it from here Alliah," interupted Siarra.
"What are you?" exclaimed a very confused Macie.
"I am Alliah's gardian fairy and adviser, I am also an adviser to the spellsoldiers. Alliah here is the herowin that you know as Starr,"
"No way, really Alliah?" asked Macie, Alliah stood in the corner and nodded her head.
"As I was saying, she is not the only spellsoldier anymore, you are one. Your instincts to protect your friend triggered the natural transformation, which takes more energy. You are, like Alliah, chosen to protect the world from the Spells. I don't remember much but the more spells you capture the more I remember. I now remember, thanks to the returning 1st of the element spells that there are many spellsoldiers, don't remember how many though. Macie you are the spellsoldier Aquatica." lectured Siarra


Siarra summoned up some of her strength and with a flash of light she made a blue necklace appear with a teardrop shaped aquamarine stone in it. As the necklace got closer to Macie it began to glow brighter and brighter.
"That settles it, you are Aquatica." said Siarra triumphently
"This is kind of like Alliah's necklace she showed up with a while back." noticed Macie
"Yes it is, this is your transformation locket. To transform into your spellsoldier form take it and say,'Aqua locket transform'. You will then transform. You have a great responsibility resting on your hands. Starr is your leader, listen to her, and follow her because whether you understand it or not she probably knows what she's doing. I don't know why she's the leader but I do remember that much. Alliah, a word of advise, you may be the leader but don't become overconfident, for that will be your downfall. Instead lead with your heart and soul, but listen to the other spellsoldiers because they may see something that you don't or have a better idea."
"Wow thats so wierd. I'd like to stay but its getting kind of late and my mom is expecting me to be home soon so I'd better go. See you at school on Monday Alliah."
"Ok bye, Macie don't tell anyone, not even your mom about this ok."


Episode *8*

The Mask of Fire


"I can't believe that the Christmas Masquerade is almost here. I just can't wait!" exclaimed Alliah.
"I know, tell me about it, I sure wish that I could go, but we're going to my grandparents for the holidays." Sighed Macie, who'd been looking forward to the anual event.


"Hey Macie who's that? I don't think that I've ever seen her before."said Alliah as she looked at a new girl
"She's the new girl who just moved here from, Tulenz I believe. I think her name is Pyrena." said Macie


"Pyrena" said the girl
"Yea, I was just wondering if you'd want to go to the mall with me, and my friend Macie, after school?"explained Alliah.
"I don't know."
"Oh, by the way, I'm Alliah Laverra."
"And I'm Macie Comell." interrupted Macie.
"Hi, I'm Pyrena Blazier, its nice to meet you. I guess I will meet you guys at the mall."
"Great, let's meet at the foodcourt at 5pm after school. Pyrena, we're going to go look at potential costumes for the Christmas Masquerade."said Alliah
"Please just call me Rena, and what's the Christmas Masquerade."explained Rena
"Ok, Rena, I can't believe that you don't know what the Christmas Masquerade is!" exclaimed Alliah


"Rena, the Christmas Masquerade is our schools annual Christmas party. It's a beautiful Masquerade ball that is held on the 24th. At midnight everyone will remove their masks and you get to see who you've spent the night with." explained Alliah
"Legend has it that people have been known to fall in love with the person they've been dancing the night away with.
It's so romantic." Interrupted Macie. Alliah and Macie stood there with soft eyes.


A week later Alliah stood in her room, and looked desperately at what she had for a costume. She hadn't found anything she felt suitable at the mall, and now was forced to use what she had around her house. "Oh Siarra, my costume's absolutely horrible. What am I going to do." whined Alliah.
"It's not...that bad Alliah."
"What am I going to do?" whined Alliah
"I don't know, but I know that you're going to go and have fun at that party." said Siarra.


"I know!!!" she then picked up the Fairy Ring, "I'll use this."
"No Alliah, no don't, Alliah please." begged Siarra.
"Fairy dust disguise power! Transform me into a  gorgeous princess." and with that she transformed into a beautiful princess with a mask. 


"Oh wow look at me, this is a great costume. No one will recognize me in this, it is great." gloated Alliah
"Alliah, you know that you shouldn't use the power of the ring for such things." lectured Siarra, 'something seems so familiar, but what?' thought Siarra.


Later at the masquerade Alliah walked into the ball room the sound of a soft waltz filled the air accompenied by the muted laughter of happy people and the clicking sound of shoes against the freshly polished hardwood floor. She felt as if she was floating across the glossy floor. There was something vaguely familiar about the feeling that was stirring deep inside of her, but she wouldn't worry about that now. Suddenly a tall figure appeared, he seemed quite handsome with dark hair and deep eyes hidden beneath an elaborate mask, which covered his eyes, cheekbones and his nose. He also had broad shoulders and even underneath his tuxedo he wore, she could tell that he was quite musculine. He asked her to dance and she gleefuly accepted. As they waltzed across the floor she thought to herself, 'How familiar this is but why?' 


Meanwhile deep in the dark realm of the evil Queen Nabilia, Kamico, who was quite frustrated at her past failures decided to send a new spell to gather the weak humans and turn them to evil mindless slaves of the dark queen. She gave her the orders and the spell simply said, "Yes, my master." it then bowed and dissapeared into the darkness. Little did Kamico know that Queen Nabilia was quickly losing her patience with Kamico.


Back at the ball Alliah was happily dancing the night away with the handsome stranger, until a great flash of fire appeared into the middle of the ballroom. The crowed then yelled in unison, "What's that!"
'Spell' thought Alliah, 'since I'm in this costume I can transform freely.' So Alliah used her locket and transform into Starr.


"You spells are really begining to irritating me, I'll get you."
"I doubt it kid."said the spell
"We'll see Spell." smirked Starr. The spell sent a great ball of fire at Starr and it knocked her to the ground.


"No!!" cried out a voice from the crowd. Then there came a red light from a girl in a costume. Then without warning something happened.


The girl from the crowd transformed. She was wearing a Spellsoldier costume that was black trimmed with fire. Who was this new person, and when Starr came to she was in complete shock at what she saw.


Starr looked in complete amazement at the new soldier. She had somehow contained the spell in a bubble of fire. The spell couldn't move. "Starr, get the spell, I can't do this for much longer." ordered the mysterious soldier.
"But what spell is it?"
"Are you completely blind, it's the Fire spell."
"Ok then, Fire Spell, return to your sphere confinement, Fire Spell!!" yelled Starr."


The Spell then became a harmless marble. "Another for my collection." Said Starr.
"Who are you?" Starr asked the new soldier.
"I'm...I'm..."stuttered the soldier just before she collapsed onto the floor. Starr then got her and took her to her house by using the fly spell. Once inside her room Siarra exclaimed "Inferna!, Alliah she is the spellsoldier of fire, and she is a very powerful allie."
"How many soldiers are there?" asked Alliah, who had detransformed back to herself and removed her mask. Before Siarra could answer the girl sitting on Alliah's bed exclaimed "Alliah, Alliah you're Starr!"
"Shhh...not so loud, and yes, but you're a spellsoldier too."
"Who is the other spellsoldier then?" asked a very dazed and confused Enferna.
"Macie is Aquatica, the spellsoldier of water. Now it's my turn for a question, who are you, remove your mask."ordered Alliah. The girl slowly took off her mask to reveal that she was none other than Pyrena. "Rena, it's you, you're the new soldier?" said Alliah in complete amazement."I guess I am." said Rena, who was just as surprised. "Well now that we know who you are it is time for me to explain what you are, and what your mission is." said a very happy Siarra, and she then began her lecture, which was almost the same one as she had given Alliah and Macie.
'Another soldier, just wait until Macie hears about this. I wonder, though, how many more of us there will be, and will it be enough to defeat our enemy?' wondered Alliah
"It failed, the fire spell failed." said Kamico weakly. She was stunned that it hadn't worked, not only that but a new Spellsoldier had appeared.
"KAMICO!!" screamed a very angry Queen Nabilia.
"Oh no, she's mad." Kamico winced at the anger in the queen's voice. she slowly walked into the dark void and disappeared.

 A Hidden Friendship


Christmas break was out, much to the dismay of all the students. Just after 6th period was over Alliah approached Pyrena in the hallway in front of her locker.
"Here, Rena." she handed her a sheet of paper that was folded, "Can't talk, I'm late." She then turned and rushed off down the hall. Rena stared down at the paper then opened it and it said,
     "Meeting at 5:30 after school. My house. Be there. Don't be late!"
hum, a meeting, the three of us haven't been in the same room together to discuss these things. Wonder what's it's about? thought Rena.


~After school~
Macie had went home with Alliah after school. She sat on Alliah's bed and bragged about her new sweater and how no one had it. The sweater was blue, almost a watery blue with a lighter shade of blue feather fuzzy turtleneck and at the end of the sleeve there was more of the blue fuzz. Alliah sat on the floor and realized how much blue Macie's worn, all of her life it has been one of her favorite colors.
"Alliah! Your friend's here." shouted Alliah's mom from their living room.
"Ok mom," shouted Alliah, just as Pyrena entered the room.
"You have a nice house," complemented Rena.
"Thanks," said Alliah. Alliah noticed a familiar sweater that Pyrena was wearing.


"What!" gasped Macie, "That's my sweater, why are you wearing it?!"
"This is mine," said Rena in suprise
"That look is so mine," said Macie defensively
"No it's not! And I don't know why your making such a big deal about this." yelled Rena.


"STOP IT!!" yelled Alliah over the two arguing friends, "Why are you guys fighting over something so stupid? Who cares who bought it first, at least they're different colors, and if you two haven't noticed the Starr wand is glowing, which means there's a spell lose, we have to find it before it destroys anything."
"How'll we find it"" asked Rena
"There's a map of the city that is surrounding the spell, we'll follow that." Answered Alliah.


~Later somewhere down town~
"It has to be somewhere over here." said a frustrated Rena.
"Alliah are you sure it's here?" asked a skeptical Macie.
"YES!! Hey look at the girl over's the spell." said Alliah happily because this was her first time to actually find the spell by herself.
"It just looks like a little girl Alliah." said Rena skeptically. The girl then touched a nearby tree with a finger and it toppled over. "Answer your question? Now let's tranform!" ordered Alliah
"Right." Agreed Macie and Rena.
"Starr Locket Transform/ Aqua Locket Transform/Fire Locket Transform!" yelled the girls in unison.


After they transformed Starr rushed off in the lead, but Aquatica and Enferna weren't accustomed to how to defeat the spells. Before they could cath up to Starr the spell used it's amaizing powers and Starr was knocked out cold.


"We can't beat that." muttered Enferna as she looket at Starr."
"We have to." said Aquatica
"It's too powerful, if Starr couldn't even touch it then how do you expect us, a couple of amateurs to beat it?" asked Enferna, who was just short of tears.
"We have no choice, If we don't try then the world will come to an end. We didn't ask to have this responsibility but we got it anyway, and all we can do is try." said Aquatica, who seemed confident, but was trembling inside. The spell started to approach and both Aquatica and Enferna cried out, both in fear and anguish for their comrade, but when they did something amazing happened.


In mid air something appeared before each of them.
"It's your weapons, the Aquatic Trident and the Volcanic Ruby!" yelled Siarra, who was flying as fast as she could to them.
"They're what you will use to help defeat the spells..." but before she could say anymore they responded
"Right." they said (in unison) They then turned to face the spell and at the same time they called upon their attacks


"Aqua Ocean Wave!" yelled Aquatica at the top of her lungs
"Volcanic Lava Blast!" screamed Enferna at the same time.  Siarra was amazed that they knew what to do, it's like a part of them remembers this thought Siarra


The two attacks banned together to stop the spell. The spell was stopped in it's tracks when the attacks imprisoned it. Starr then awoke from the immense light that the blast had given off.


"Power, it's the Power Spell Starr!" yelled Siarra frantically, she knew that the ring wouldn't hold the spell for long.
"Right, Power Spell, return to your sphere confining, Power Spell!"


The spell then returned to it's marbled form.


"We did it, " said the three girls happily. That day something happened between Macie and Pyrena, a seed of friendship was planted and while they would still argue incessantly they would smile when they looked at each other because they knew that they would always be there to help one another.