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Spell soldiers


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Whats going on?

If you ever get lost or don't know whats going on in the comic, here is the place to go. I'll tell you the main story line without giving anything away.
For right now i won't have very much because its a pretty new site. But later on there will be lots on this page.

The setting of Spell Soldiers is in a pretty large city. She lives in the year 2152A.D. Things are almost the same as they are now except for a few things. Alliah lives in an apartment building. Her mother(Annette) and her father(Jade) are divorced. She lives with her Mom in Tokiesh, while her dad lives in Madrid. Her Grandmother(Kamellia) livesacrosstown

Episode1:"Learning Fast"
This episode starts out with a slow stat, then after a confusing ordeal Alliah finds out something amaizing about herself. She is then forced to learn fast(hence the episode title).

Simingly unimportant parts:
1)Who are the girls are looking at? pay attencion to him, he'll be important later on in the comic.
2)what Alliah says about the guy, you won't believe how that turns out.
3)Pay attention to the stack of stuff.
That's all for this episode.

Episode 2:
     in this episode Macie is so desperate to make the track team that she attracts a spell which takes over her and Starr comes to the rescue.

            Things to look for

  • The locket always glows when a spell is nearby
  • Spells can take any form, this one took Macie's


Episode 3:
During a walk in the park Alliah, Macie and Cole encounter the largest bird ever, how will they escape?
Things to notice
     -Notice the way that Alliah and Cole talk to eachother, you'll figure it out later on in the series.
     -The spells seem to be getting stronger    

Episode 4:
     A Cold Summers Day On hot summer day Alliah and her friends somehow manage to find themselves kneedeep in a very cold mess.
     -Somehow Macie seems to always be around a spell.??
     -Siara has some powers that she hasn't told Alliah.
     -Why did cole smile at the end

Episode 5
     The Ring of Destiny: a new enemy a new tool, which side will win.

Episode 6  "Big Changes"
 The story of Alliah and Cole's long lived feud.
things to look for:
   -the way that Alliah and Cole act around each other
   -Pay close attention to who Alliah's new nextdoor neighbor is.

       Old Friend, New Allie
 What happens: Alliah and Macie go to the new restraunt but trouble starts and a new spellsoldier appears
 Things to look for:
                -who Cole's with
                -What spell is it

*~~Episode ~~*
               The Firey Mask
 What happens: Alliah goes to a school masquerade party, Macie can't come so Alliah comes alone. What's with the new freind they make?
 Things to Look for:
                        -What Spell is it
                        -The new girls name
                        -The tall figure
                        -What Alliah and 
                          Siarra feel when Alliah
                          gets into costume

Episode 9
          A Hidden Friendship
What happens-Macie and Pyrena seem to always argue, but a certain turn of events shows them and Alliah that they could actually stay friends.
things to look for:
             -They way Macie and Rena act
             -Their weapons

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