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Spell soldiers
Episodes 2-4

Episodes 2-4 are now up, so just scroll down to see them all

Running in Circles


The next morning an argument broke out in Alliah's bedroom:

"I said NO! You can't come with me Siara."
"but...what if a spell shows up?"
"listen, you are very noticeable. People will see you. People will talk."
"Well, lets just say that it wouldn't be pretty."
"Hey wait a minute, you have powers right?"
"Yea, so..."
"Can you make yourself smaller, a LOT smaller?"
"Yes I can."
"Show me."


"Amaizing" gasped Alliah. She couln't believe what she saw.
"Now can I come?"
"Well,ok. But on one condition."
"You have to stay out of sight, and under no circumstance let anyone see you. Is that understood?"
"Ok then, come on."


"Macie, Macie wait!" yelled Alliah
"Hi Alliah!"
"Wait up."
"Hurry or we'll be late for 1st priod."
"Oh I finally cought up with you."
"Lets go."
So the girls raced for their school in hopes to be on time.


Later, during athletics, 5th period.


"Ok students settle down. As you all know track tryouts are today. everyone will run, but you can choose to tryout. If you're trying out you'll need to come over here so I can expain some details to you. If you're not then go over to the gate and start your stretches and warm-ups." Said
Mrs. Comilla.


"Oh Alliah, I've just got to make the track team. I love running so much, the way the wind feels in your hair. I hope I'll be able run fast enough to make the team." Said Macie.
"Don't worry Macie, your the fastest person I know. You are sure to make it. Anyway just try your best thats all that matters."
"Your right Alliah. Are you going to try out?"
"Who me? No way I'm not fast enough, and anyway I really don't like to run. But I'll be cheering for you from the sidelines."


"Oh no! The lockets glowing, there must be a spell nearby. I've got to warn Alliah." excaimed Siara.


Siara flew as fast as she could to Alliah's side to tell her of what she saw. 
     "Alliah, your locket is glowing. There's a spell somewhere nearby."
     "Oh no. not here not now, Siara there must be a mistake."
     "No mistake Alliah, we've got to find it, and quick, before it has a chance to cause any damage."
     "Ok Siara."

     "Alliah! look at Macie, shes glowing."
     "Your just seeing things Siara, thats imposible....Macie, oh that can't be good. Whats happening, why is she glowing?" said Alliah.
     "That must be were the spell is, yes. But what spell could it be."
     "If you don't know then we're in big trouble."


     "Macie, get ready to run. You're next ok." Said Mrs. Comilla.
Oh I hope that I do good enough to make the team, thought Macie.

Macie walked over to the track and took her place, and after taking a deep breath looked at the teacher and nodded that she was ready.


     "On your mark, get set, GO!" yelled Mrs. Comilla. Macie took off and ran fast, faster than she'd ever ran before. She neared the end of the run and began to go faster.
     "New Record!!" yelled Mrs. Comilla in astonishment. She'd always known that Macie was quick, but she never expected her to run that fast.


Meanwhile, Alliah stared amazed at her locket.
     "It's glowing, so there must be a spell right around here somewhere, but where."
     "Of course!," exclaimed Siara,"The spell is in Macie, thats why she was glowing, that just has to be why."
     "You think so?" asked Alliah
     "Yea, its the only thing that makes since." There was a moment of silence at the track and then,
     "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"Macie let out a screatching cry.
     "Macie! oh no, im coming." Said Alliah.


     "Wait Alliah, transform first."
     "Why Siara?"
     " Everyone ran to the track when Macie cried out so no one is here to see you transform. You'll also be more able to help her as Starr."
     "Thats a good idea."


Alliah looks around and sees that no one is around, she takes a deep breath and says,
     "Star locket transform!" the locket then glows brightly.


Alliah runs quickly toward the track Alliah thinks on the way:,
    "Hold on Macie I'm coming, I'll save you don't worry. Oh I hope that I make it in time."


     "Oh no Macie, whats happened to her. Spell show your self now! I command you. I'm the one that you want not her, so come and get me if you dare."



"OK, you wanted me so now you've got me. You'll regret challenging me. You know you may think that you're a spell capture, but you're nothing but a slow, little brat who couldn't catch me if she tried. Get ready to be defeated little girl.

     "Starr! I know what spell it is. It has to be the run spell! This one's going to be harder to get, she'll easily outrun you, you'll have to out smart her. I know that you can do it. Just don't doubt yourself no matter what, because if you fail then the world is dombed, don't forget that, we're all counting on you!"



"Run spell, return to your sphere confining, Run Spell!" Yelled Starr


"Oh no," thought Starr, "this can't be happening".
"Siara, why didn't it work?"
"Did you honestly think I would be captured that easily? ha ha ha, silly little girl, you sould just go home and give up because you could never win." Scoffed the run spell.
"Starr I told you that you'd have to out smart her, don't forget that you can use any spell that you've already captured."


"You know, run spell, I think that you're just a little too overconfident. I'm about to show you that you're wrong. Did you think that was the only thing that i could do? Well you're wrong. You may be fast, but speed isn't everything."
"Oh you're a lot of talk" said the run spell
"Vine spell, make a rope to tie up the run spell, Vine spell release and obey!" yelled Starr.



" Ha ha ha, oh you have to be kidding me! This is what you think is going to beat me, that spell couldn't even touch me let alone beat me. you're just asking to be embarresed." Laughed the Run spell


"Vine spell, quick trap her in a rope of vines!," yelled Starr. The spell did as its master ordered.


When the run spell saw the vines racing toward her, the spell turned and ran as fast as it could, but it was no use the vines wrapped around her tightly.


"ha now I've got you." thought Starr.
"Starr, quite messing around and capture the spell before it breaks loose!" yelled Siarra.
"Right! Run Spell, return to your sphere confining, Run Spell!"


With that the Run spell returned to its marbaled form and the problem was over, at least for the time being.


"Macie, Macie! are you ok? I heard you scream, but I couldn't see what happened for all the people in front of me." gasped Alliah
"I'm ok Alliah."
"What happened?"
"Well,... I'm not exactly sure but when I was running I blacked out and thats the last thing I remember before coming to. I wonder why all these weird things are happening to me?" answered Macie
"What weird things?"
"nothing, don't worry about it."

Big Bird Problems


     Alliah sat in her room looking out her window on this day.
"Today is so peaceful, and look at all the birds. It would be so cool if I could fly," said Alliah to Siara.
"It is great to fly Alliah," said siara.


Alliahs mother was in the other room.
"Alliah, don't forget that you told Macie that you'd meet her at the park at 9:00 ok?"
"Ok mom, I won't."

A few hours past when Alliah left,
"I'm leaving ok mom. Bye"
"Bye Alliah, be careful."


A little while later, at the local park Alliah and Macie walked through the park talking about something that had happened earlier that week. Alliah had made a mistake though, she was walking backwards so that she could see Macie clearly.
"I can't believe that he actually said that!" exclaimed Alliah.
"hahaha, yup he said it alright,...Hey Alliah, watch out," but before she had a chance to turn around Smack, she ran into a schoolmate.


"Hey, why don't you watch where your going?"
"Sorry Cole, I didn't mean too." appologized Alliah. "I'm sure that you are clutz."
"Hey I have a name!"yelled Alliah, "And you know you don't have to be such a jerk! ohhhh." Alliah stormed off and Cole just smiled.


"Ohhh he makes me so mad, he's just such a jerk." stormed Alliah
"You've got to admit though, it was pretty funny" laughed Macie
"No it was not!" exclaimed Alliah
"Alliah....what the heck is that.....look at it over there."
"ehhh what is that thing?!"


What Alliah and Macie saw a wicked looking bird, in fact it was the nightmare of all birds, that stood at least 10ft tall.


"ohh look at that thing, its huge, what could that be. I mean, its not any kind of animal that I've ever heard of or seen so what else could it be.....of course it has to be a spell. Which one could it be? I don't think theres a bird spell, ohhhh look at that thing fly! it has to be the fly spell, oh I wish Siarra was here." Thought Alliah


" Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh " cried out someone not too far away,
" I know that voice, its Cole." said Alliah
" the monster must have him come on lets see if we can help." said Macie


Alliah and Macie ran toward where the scream came from hoping that they could help. "I need to transform but I can't with Macie here, even if she is my best friend, what should I do?" wondered Alliah as they arrived at where the monster was.
" Get away from him you big monster!"yelled Macie frantically
"Macie don't do that" but it was too late the spell had heard her and with its long neck reached over and hit Macie, wich caused her to fly into the bushes
"Macie! no. ok thats it, Star Locket Transform!"



"Hey bird brain, over here. No one picks on my friends or hurts innocent people and you've done both so now you're mine. you'll be sorry that you ever came here." yelled Starr


The spell looked over at Starr, "Caw caw, you'll be sorry for saying that you stupid little girl."
"me and my big mouth," thought Starr, what am I going to do?, I've got an idea"


"Run spell, give me your speed, Run spell release and obey!" yelled Starr


The power of the run spell gave Starr increadable speed. Starr ran around the Fly spell before the spell knew what was happening.


Once on the other side of the Fly spell Starr used her wand to capture it before it had a chance to fight back.
" Fly Spell, return to your sphere confining, Fly Spell!" yelled Starr, hoping that she had the right name for the spell.



"Who are you?" asked Cole
"I am Starr."
"I don't know why but I have a feeling that I know you from somewhere." said Cole puzzled
"No you don't know me Cole."
"How did you......"
"I must go know" said Starr.


"Where did you go Alliah?" asked Macie
" I got knocked into the bushes after the monster attacked you"
"That makes the third time that Starr has saved me."
"...Oh this really cool and beautiful girl who saves people from these really wicked monsters that have been appearing lately." explained Macie
"Thank you"
" What did you say Alliah?"
"Nothing, just thinking out loud"
"Ive got to go home Alliah, later"
"Bye Macie."
" I wonder what Siara's going to say about this" wondered Starr

A Cold Summers Day


A few days past after Starr aquired the Fly Spell, and Alliah decided that it was just too hot outside to stand so she and a few friends decided to go to the grand opening of the new Glacier Pools.
"Bye mom" yelled Alliah to her mom who was in another room in the apartment.
"Where are you going?" asked her mother
"To Glacier Pools, its half off today because its their grand opening and its unbearably hot outside."
"Ok but be careful and be home in time for dinner ok?"
"Ok bye mom" said Alliah as she ran out the door, then she thought, "ohh I'm going to be late! I hope macie waits for me."


"I hope you know that you're late," said Macie impatiantly,"We were supposed to meet an hour ago."
"I know Im sorry but my mom was asking a lot of questions, and i overslept. Sorry Macie"
"Thats alright lets go though."


At Glacier Pools Alliah and Macie ran into another friend of theirs, Tori.
"Hey guys," yelled Tori over the roar of the crowd, " I was begining to think that you weren't coming."
"Wow look at this place," Said Alliah in amaizment, "I didn't think that it would be this good."
"Hey what are we standing out here in the sun for lets go and get cooled off." said Macie.


"That sounds great guys, but I forgot to put on sunscreen so I'll catch up with you guys, but I have to run back to the locker, ok?" Said Alliah.
"Ok but hurry or you might miss all the fun." replied Tori.


"What are you doing here?" asked Alliah in a very annoyed voice.
"I could ask you the same thing," replied Cole sarcastically, "but if you must know I'm here because its hot and I want to have fun."
"Oh," said Alliah as she started to walk off.


Before Alliah could get too far ahead of Cole there were some terrified screams coming from the pools, and when she turned around she saw something terrible.
"Another spell, I can't go anywhere without running into them." sighed Alliah.


"Alliah, Alliah, oh I'm glad that I found you!" shouted a small voice from above the crowd.
"Siara, what are you doing here? anyway, I know thats a spell but I can't transform with Cole standing there." Said Alliah
"Nevermind that, I'll keep Cole busy, now transform before it does any more damage."
"Ok, but what spell is it?" asked Alliah
"It has to be the freeze spell, I mean just look at how icy this place is." said Siara.


 Siara began to glow and suddenly a sparkly clowd flowed around Cole which froze him in time and space.
"Hurry Alliah, I don't think that I'll be able to do this for too long." yelled Siara.


" Starr Locket Transform!" yelled Alliah
  With those words the locket once again began to glow and Alliah became the Spellsoldiers Starr


"Hey ice brain over here, I'm the one you want. Catch me If you can." Yelled Starr confidently
"Who are you?" asked an irratated spell
" The protector of peace and your worst nightmare, I am Starr!"
" We'll see about that brat!" yelled the Freeze spell.


"Run spell, give me speed!, Run spell release and Obey!" Yelled Starr. The confined run spell began to glow and engulfed Starr with lightning fast speed.


"Where did she go?" asked the freeze spell to itself, but before it had time to spot Starr she could here her yelling out,"Fly spell, give me wings, fly spell release and obey!"
With those words glowing wings appeared on Starrs back, but she didn't have the time to admire them, because she had to defeat the spell.


"Hey spell up here!" yelled Starr from way above the spells head. "Dodge this if you can! Freeze spell return to your sphere confining, Freeze Spell!" and with that the star wand began to glow and its light beamed down upon the evil spell.


After Starr captured the spell she returned to her normal self. Siara took her powers off of Cole and he immediatly fell down onto the side walk, when he awoke he stood up and turned to Alliah,


"What happened?" he asked a very dazed and confused.
"You slipped and fell down on the sidewalk." Said Alliah
"So it was a dream,"
"What was a dream?" asked Alliah.
"I dreamed that you were Starr" he said while he scrached his head in confusement.
"Who me! no way"
"I didn't think so, you'd never be that cool or beautiful."
"uhhhhh why do you always have to be such a jerk to me?" yelled Alliah as she stormed away.
"Im glad thats over but why is Cole always so mean to me, oh well I guess I'll never know." thought Alliah to herself